Structural Repair and Strengthening

HSE is known for their expertise in evaluating older buildings and structural systems. We have a vast library of historical design literature that provides a strong basis to understand the materials and methods that were used many years ago in building construction. This information is invaluable when determining the proper repair techniques.

Not all structures are old or deteriorating. There is often a need to increase the strength of a support system because of a change in use of the building. Likewise, a building renovation may require that a column be moved or eliminated to create a more open environment. In any of these scenarios, HSE is constantly looking for innovative ways to accomplish the desired modifications. We have the knowledge and experience to deliver practical and economical solutions to each design problem.

Structural Strengthening with Fiber Reinforced Polymers
FRP materials (fiber-reinforced polymers) are lightweight, non-corrosive, and high tensile strength materials that can be used to strengthen existing structural members. The fibers can consist of either glass fiber or carbon fiber. They are produced in sheets, bars or strips to adapt to many types of strengthening needs. The FRP materials are bonded to the structural members to increase the strength or ductility of a particular member.

HSE has provided structural design services for the fiber reinforced polymers industry for more than five years. Designing with these types of materials requires a thorough evaluation of the existing structure and a proper assessment of the strengthening needs. This must all be done using the latest codes and standards for the industry.

Structural Reinforcement Projects
The Vertus Charter School – 21 Humboldt St., Rochester, NY
HSE recently completed the design services for this project. A 1920’s vintage manufacturing building was partially converted to a school, including classrooms and a new gymnasium. This required extensive structural modifications to the roof structure to accommodate new HVAC equipment and additional snow loads.

Projects Featuring Fiber Reinforced Polymers
HSE has prepared designs and shop drawings for many projects, to name a few:
I 90 Patroon Island Bridge – Albany, NY
Buffalo State – Caudell Hall – Slab & wall reinforcing
West Point Military Academy – MacArthur Long Barracks – Slab reinforcing

If your project requires structural repair or strengthening expertise, please consider tapping into our vast array of knowledge and experience.