Building Restoration Services
Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse & Surrounding Areas

HSE has a broad range of experience providing building restoration engineering services. Projects have ranged from brick masonry restoration of historic church and school buildings to the concrete restoration of multi-level parking garages. Our extensive experience and knowledge of material science sets us apart. For historic building restoration projects, we understand the need to maintain the architectural and aesthetic character of the structure. This is based on our ability to evaluate the materials and methods used and find solutions that complement the original appearance.

Our Building Restoration Engineering Services include:

  • Inspection services to document the building issues
  • Working with the client to develop plans to restore the structure.
  • Overseeing the testing of existing materials, if needed.
  • Developing structural restoration construction documents.
  • Assisting with bidding and contractor selection.
  • Construction phase inspections.

Water infiltration through a building’s exterior envelope is a common problem and it can have damaging consequences to both interior and exterior elements. We have a proven record in evaluating and testing buildings to identify the source of the problem. This can sometimes involve taking portions of the building apart and putting them back together. We work with several highly qualified contractors to facilitate this work and successfully solve the problem.

For building restoration work, we serve all areas of upstate New York. The locations of the buildings we have restored have stretched from Buffalo, NY to the Hudson Valley and many locations in-between.

Notable NYS Building Restoration Projects

  • Dundee Central School District – Restoration of brick masonry and precast facade
  • St. Mary’s Church – Rochester, NY – Restoration of 1939 Bell Tower
  • Rundel Library – Rochester, NY – Structural restoration of lower subway structure

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