Structural Engineering Services

Request QuoteHSE is a national structural engineering company based in Victor, just south of Rochester NY. We offer a complete range of Engineering Services to our clients.

Building Design

Design of building structures has been the mainstay of HSE.  Our designs have incorporated the latest technologies with all types of building materials. Specialized foundation systems can be a significant concern for any project. HSE evaluates and helps to select the most cost efficient systems.  

Building Design Projects Include:

Building Restorations

Preservation of historic buildings requires specialized knowledge of building materials and practices used many years ago…….

Structural Repair & Strengthening

Using some of the latest technologies, HSE evaluates and designs repairs and modifications for existing structures.  For the past 5 years, HSE has been using carbon fiber technology to strengthen existing concrete structures.

Heavy Industrial Equipment Frames & Foundations

The ever changing industrial environment requires constant updates and improvement for manufacturing facilities.  Whether it’s a new mezzanine, special foundation, or an equipment testing structure, HSE works closely with clients to design to their specific needs.  

Repurposing Vacant Buildings

When some of those buildings have been sitting vacant for a period of time, the task can become a challenge.

Parking Garage Structural Repair

Parking garages can present unique challenges which require a thorough understanding of materials methods and design codes. We specialize in the evaluation of existing parking structures that have experienced distress and deterioration during their service life. Properly repairing a parking structure can generally be more cost effective than replacement. Our evaluations weigh both alternatives to assist owners in making the best choice.