Midlakes Middle School (Clifton Springs, NY)

Design Description

Midlakes Middle School in Clifton Springs, New York was constructed around 1996. It is a 2-story, steel frame structure with brick masonry veneer and concrete block back-up walls. Since the time it was built, the brick veneer had undergone a substantial amount of movement due to moisture expansion. This movement caused various problems associated with water penetration, cracking of back-up walls and weather tightness of window units. A complete investigation and evaluation was done to determine the properties of the materials, and what needed to be done to correct the problems. Petrographic testing of the brick and mortar was done to verify the material properties. Selective demolition was performed in several locations to look at flashing and the attachment of the veneer. The design that was done included new flashing at all window sills, cutting of new control joints and re-caulking the entire building.

Approximate Cost: $500,000

Phelps-Clifton Springs Central School District
Clifton Springs, New York

Clark Patterson Lee
Rochester, New York

Project Engineer
Herrick-Saylor Engineers
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