HSBC Plaza Restoration

Design Description

HSBC Parking Structure Repair & Restoration in Rochester NY. The HSBC Plaza is a 21-story cast-in-place concrete frame structure with a 7-level parking garage below grade. During the last 30 years, the corrosion of the reinforcing steel created a full depth loss of concrete in many areas of the parking deck and spalling of the concrete surface on the exposed exterior columns and spandrel beams. During this time, the entrance and exit ramps to the garage as well as approximately 1/2 mile of garden wall also experienced deterioration of the concrete. The distressed façade of the structure was repaired using polymere modified Portland cement repair mortars and epoxy modified bonding agents with a finished elastomeric coating. The parking decks were repaired using shotcrete in some areas, and full-depth removal and replacement throughout approximately 30% of the deck area. A traffic-bearing elastomeric waterproof membrane was then applied to provide future protection.

Approximate Cost: $3.8 million

Benderson Development
Buffalo, New York

Lancet Construction
Rochester, New York

Project Engineer
Herrick-Saylor Engineers
Contact: Mr. Jay Saylor
Phone: 585-586-1700 Fax: 585-586-8020