Dundee Central School (Dundee, NY)


Structural Reconstruction of School Facades and Entrances. Construction began on the Dundee Central School in 1938. The structure was designed using a combination of steel beams and columns, with open-web steel joists supporting concrete on metal deck floor systems, and composite masonry wall systems. The exterior of the building consisted of a clay brick masonry façade accented by a fine-textured precast concrete “stone.” By 1994, the stone had deteriorated to such an extent that it was covered with a fiberglass cladding for protection and esthetic purposes. The project dealt with the removal of all fiberglass cladding; removal of the precast stone; removal of all of the distressed clay brick façade; reconstruction of the piers at the north and south entrances on the west side; reconstruction of the tower entrances on the west side; reconstruction of the loading dock on the north side; replacement of the stone; and repointing, repair, cleaning and sealing of the clay brick masonry to provide future protection.

Approximate Cost: $2,425,000

Dundee Central School District
Dundee, New York

R.E. Kelley, Inc.
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King & King Architects, LLP
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